Sailing/ Cruising

Saronic sailing adventure

If you love sailing and you wish to combine your summer vacations with some adventure, culture, history and relaxation in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, then our Saronic Sailing Adventure is the perfect option for you!

Cyclades islands Sailing adventure

Sail across the Aegean Sea, explore the renowned whitewashed Cyclades islands & swim in turquoise crystal clear waters on this Cyclades islands sailing adventure!

Sailing & Archaeology adventure

A unique sailing adventure that will travel you through Greece’s thousands of years of history & major UNESCO Heritage sites! Join us on board and let us sail you through the Mediterranean crystal clear waters to some of the most significant archaeological sites.

2day Sailing tour from Athens

Don't have the time to go on a weekly sailing tour, but still want to explore those secret island beaches, accessible only by boat? Our 2day sailing tour from Athens is your ideal choice! Join us on board & enjoy a fantastic sailing adventure in the crystal clear waters of the Saronic Gulf

3-day Sailing Escape

If you love sailing and you are looking for a short refreshing getaway from Athens city, then this tour is just your ideal choice..Join us on board and let us show you the hidden gems of two Saronic islands in only 3 days!

Athens daily sailing escape

Are you visiting Athens and you’re looking for a refreshing getaway from the city? Join us on board and enjoy a daily sailing adventure in the Saronic gulf!